Keith Richards Bentley Blue Lena Restoration Project

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Keith Richards Bentley “Blue Lena”

Restoration by English automotive services ltdBlue Lena 1

The Bentley S3 Flying spur Known affectionately as “Blue Lena” by Keith Richards; was in a sorry state when it turned up at our workshop on the back of a recovery truck, having been sitting in a lock up for many years partially dismantled and stripped of any paintwork, a lost cause for the previous owner realizing the enormity of the project no doubt.

Our Brief from the new owner was to restore the car back to its former glory when Keith Richards Owned it, I must say after we had a thorough look at the car and explained that  the car had to virtually be rebuilt, making many new panels due to the accidents it had been involved in through its life, tree’s ditches etc….

photoAt the time had the car not been so famous I think it would have been scrapped, but the new owner insisted that it was a piece of history and should be made good again, He was right !!

It turned out to be a long project parts were missing and had to be made or wait till one turned up on the grapevine, the leather was no longer available so we had to commission John Connolly to make a special batch of VM as it was known, the purdah glass had to be made as the old windows were too scratched to use, the rear screen had to be made as heated ones where not available

Front wing sections, door panels, boot sections, rear wing sections all hand crafted and made to fit. All the mechanical s where overhauled and rebuilt not a penny spared anywhere.B&B 1

We think The car turned out to look amazing  !! it was a labour of love, frustration, elation

When I took her on the first shake down road test;  one of many to fine tune the gearbox, Suspension, engine; I actually drove to KR’s house, well past it, stopped and took a snapshot Of the beautiful Blue Lena outside her old home.

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